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The Black Charismatic: Demagoguery and the Politics of Affect

(book-length manuscript in preparation)

“John Coltrane and the Signifyin(g) Monk”

(article-length manuscript in preparation)

“The Biopolitics of Race and the Post-Genomic Turn to Caste”

(article-length manuscript in preparation)

“Teaching Du BoisBlack Reconstruction

(article—coauthored with Marina Bilbija—forthcoming in Reconstruction Beyond 150: Reassessing the New Birth of Freedom [A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era series], edited by Orville Vernon Burton and J. Brent Morris, foreword by Eric Foner. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, August 2023)

“‘Faulkner wasnt our people’: Faulkners ‘Negroes,’ the McJunkinses’ Faulkner,

and Our Search for Greenfield Farm”

(essay forthcoming in Faulkners Families [Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha series], edited by Jay Watson and James G. Thomas, Jr. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, June 2023)
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